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Traveller education service

St Helens Traveller Education Service (TES) is a specialist service offering advice and support to schools on issues relating to the inclusion of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) children in educational settings.

Alongside our work with schools we provide an outreach service directly to GRT families to support access to and inclusion in education.  St Helens TES also works in partnership with many other services and agencies that support, or seek to support GRT communities.

Together, our school-focused and outreach staff team has a comprehensive breadth of local, regional and national knowledge and expertise, and a commitment to finding solutions to the most challenging inclusion issues.

“Research studies have consistently identified Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils as the group most at risk in the education system.  However, research evidence also confirms that, when Gypsy, Roma and Traveller pupils are given the right learning environment and experiences, they can be equally as successful as any other group.”

Moving Forward Together: Raising GRT Achievement, 2009

Our advice and support is provided within the following national priorities:

  • Ascription – ensuring families feel confident about declaring their children to be part of the GRT communities, and helping us monitor and support their educational progress.
  • Attendance – encouraging and helping GRT children to attend school regularly.
  • Achievement – supporting schools in their work to raise the standards achieved by GRT pupils at all key stages.
  • Relationships with Parents and the Community – working positively with all partners to improve relationships with GRT parents and the wider GRT communities.
  • Curriculum Development – supporting schools in their work to ensure that the curriculum is culturally reflective and inclusive.
  • Race Equality and Diversity – working with all our partners to promote race equality and positive views of diversity.

TES Team  - 01744 677522

Mrs Denise Clayton         Head of Alternative Provision Service

Ms Helen Boardman