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Governance arrangements

Governance arrangements for the service are provided by the Pupil Referral Units Management Committee, who act as the Governing Body.

Following the release of the ‘Statutory Guidance for Alternative Provision’ from the DfE in January 2013 the PRU Management Committee was reconfigured.

The Chair of the Management Committee can be contacted through the local authority.

The Committee is made up of senior representatives of local Primary, Special and High schools and staff of the PRU.

The PRU Management Committee has a strategic role in the setting out and monitoring of the aims and objectives of the unit to ensure children are safe, have their needs met and receive a good standard of education.

Pupil Premium

Pupil premium is recharged at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 retrospectively and at Key Stage 4 it is received for single registered pupils.

Over the past year Pupil Premium has been used to provide:

  • Breakfast
  • Transition support from Primary School to High school activities
  • Supplies for Food Technology
  • Gym Membership
  • Outdoor Education activities
  • Allotment activities
  • Duke of Edinburgh support
  • Music Tuition
  • Reward and Incentive Schemes

 This has resulted in:

  • Better engagement
  • Reintegration rates risen from 60% to 77%
  • Improving GCSE grades and accreditations.
  • Higher number of vocational and employability qualifications

In addition, the managers for each of our provision strands maintain a Pupil Premium record listing individual spend with its intended and actual outcomes. An example of individual spend include funding kit to ensure inclusion in sporting activities.