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English - Additional language service

The English - Additional Language (EAL) team is comprised of teachers and language support staff working in schools across St. Helens. 

We support those pupils from ethnic minorities who do not have English as a first language.

These pupils have to cope with a wide range of curriculum subjects using English as an additional language.  Currently, about 30 different languages are spoken by pupils who attend St Helens schools.

The team works with schools, parents and other organisations to help pupils gain access to education and achieve their full potential.  They build on the skills and knowledge that children from other cultures bring to school, and develop their confidence and self-esteem.  This is important for achievement and social and personal development.

EAL pupils are taught within the mainstream curriculum, but their needs are distinct.  The most significant distinction is that they are learning through a language other than their first language.

EAL pupils therefore have two main tasks in the learning context of the school:  Firstly, they need to learn English and secondly they need to learn the content of the curriculum.

The learning context will have an influence on both of these, as pupils will be affected by attitudes towards them, their culture, language, religion and ethnicity.

EAL teaching method is therefore about using strategies to meet both the language and learning needs of EAL pupils in a wide range of teaching contexts.


If English is not your first language we may be able to arrange for someone to contact you to offer assistance.

For help and information, contact:


EAL Team – 01744 677522

Mrs Denise Clayton         Head of Alternative Provision Service

Ms Helen Boardman