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What do we aim to provide?

A Multi-Agency Approach - this ensures that there is a clear system for different parts of St. Helens Council and Health to work together and share information in planning and monitoring transition

A Person-Centred Approach to Planning - so that young people and their parent/carers are at the heart of the transition process. We want to ensure that young people are supported to express their views, make choices and have aspirations.

The Full Participation of Disabled Young People & their Families - in deciding what you want from life and in contributing to the design and development of the services you receive within Transition

Information - you and your son or daughter will be given information about transition in an easy to understand format. You and your child will be invited to, and encouraged to participate in all reviews and offered relevant support, including advocacy, to prepare for these reviews. You will be encouraged to express any cultural, religious or other personal perspective.

Realistic Post 16 Opportunities for Living Life - we will seek to ensure young people experience a quality of life and opportunities that mirror their non-disabled peers including education, employment and training.

Financial Advice and Support - we will promote personalisation approaches including access to individual budgets to support young people who are eligible for social care and heath support as they move into adulthood.

Support for health and well-being - we are committed to ensuring that young people experience good health support to achieve optimal health and well-being, and specifically in supporting parents , schools and carers in addressing issues relating to sexual health