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Secondary School Service

Our menu has been developed around current needs and demands.

The range and uptake of choice is customer-driven; we constantly try new products to make the lunchtime interesting and encourage a healthy, balanced diet.

Menu initiatives include salad bars, pasta and baked potato bars.

If you wish, we can attend your student council meetings to discuss your catering provision.

A cashless meals service operates in a number of our sites. Each pupil receives a school meals account. They can top up their account by paying a cheque in or using cash in the revaluation machines that are sited around the school, or pay online. Free school meals pupils automatically receive their allowance each morning.

Our Catering Development Officer is continually meeting with School Councils and School Food Action Groups to discuss how to further develop the lunchtime offerings available within each secondary school.


We have introduced significant changes to our secondary school meals service. Our targets are to improve customers' diet and their lunchtime experience in general.

The government's nutritional standards for school meals ensure we use products low in fat, sugar and salt, but these do not remove choice. Our menus are designed to provide sufficient choice but maintain a balanced diet.

The cashless meals system allows us to interrogate sales more closely so parents are aware of what products their children are choosing and we can restrict products that certain customers should not eat due to an allergy.

Most importantly, we are hoping to involve students more fully in the data produced by the system and use it to make them aware of their eating habits and ways of improving their diet.

If you have any medical, ethnic or religious dietary requirements, please contact your child's school. The school will in turn contact the Schools Meals Service.

The School Meals Officer and Cook will meet with the parents and child to design a menu especially for that child. If you have any comments, or problems with our service, we would be pleased to hear from you on 01744 676725 or 01744 676817.

We request parents and pupils to complete questionnaires, giving their views on improvements to the service. We are constantly trying to improve the service and these questionnaires help us to know your views or suggestions for the service. If you have any suggestions, please contact us on the above number.