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St Helens Borough Council provides more than 13,000 meals a day to primary, special and secondary schools across the borough.

We provide:

  • Nutritionally balanced meals that meet the government's guidelines (School Food Plan)
  • Value for money and a wide variety of meal choices
  • High-quality food products which can be traced to the source of origin
  • Customer satisfaction

Primary School Menu


Menus for pupils with special dietary requirements are available once the special diets procedure has been completed. Please inform the relevant school if a special diets menu is required. Examples of menus available are listed below.

  • Primary Gluten Free Menu
  • Primary Dairy Free Menu
  • Primary Egg Free Menu
  • Primary Vegan Menu
  • Primary Halal Menu
  • Secondary Gluten Free Menu

St Helens Council School Meals Catering Service uses seasonal British produce in our school menus.


We use British Red Tractor and British Farm assured meat. Red Tractor is a food assurance scheme that looks at production standards on safety, hygiene, animal welfare and food production.

Our butcher, James Burrows Ltd, based in Ashton-under-Lyne, sources our British Red Tractor meat.

Meat provided by our frozen food supplier Hopwells is also certified as Red Tractor assured from Great Britain.


All fish served on our menus is certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and none are on the Marine Conservation Societies 'fish to avoid' list.


All our eggs are free range, sourced from RW Elliot & Co of Driffield, East Yorkshire.

Fruit and Vegetables

Our fruit and vegetables are, when possible, in season and provided by Ralph Livesey of Preston. These products are sourced from farms in Lancashire where possible.


We are delighted to present our new menus to you. They conform to all the new standards issued by the government as a means to improve children's diets.

The school meals service in St Helens works very closely with all schools and other partners, in encouraging children to eat healthily.

Please note: after the initial three-week menu cycle is complete, the school head teacher discusses the dishes on the current menu with the cook and if a particular dish does not meet with the children's preferences, it can be altered.

However, the menu will still comply with the government's requirements under the new food-based standards outlined in the School Food Plan.

A typical week's packed lunch costs around £14.50 per child.  Only 1% of these lunches are a nutritionally balanced meal.

On the other hand, a two-course hot meal with drink served in the dining hall will only cost £11 per child per week.

Students in high schools are becoming increasingly more sophisticated in their tastes; therefore a wide range of meal options are now available. Please view our menus.

All meals are prepared by our skilled and qualified staff using fresh ingredients. Cooks are proud of the high standard of meals and service they provide. They work closely with the school, and pupils benefit from a whole school approach to food. If you have any issues relating to the service we would be happy to discuss them with you.