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SEN Travel Assistance

Help with Travel

If your child is unable to walk to school because of his/ her mobility problems or because of associated health and safety issues related to their special educational needs or disability (SEND) and he/ she is attending the nearest suitable provision, you may be entitled to assistance with transport.

Assistance can be any one of the following:

  • A public service bus pass - for those students who can travel independently
  • Independent Travel training and a public service bus pass.
  • Parental mileage - if a family member is able to drive.
  • A seat on a hired service with or without a Passenger Assistant

If your child is awarded traval assistance you will be required to complete a medical questionnaire form along with up to date contact details and forward it to the School Transport Team.

Public Service Bus Pass

If it is appropriate for your child to be issued with a bus pass you will be asked to send a current and appropriate passport sized photograph of your child to the School Transport Team. Once this is received you will be issued with a Solo Student bus pass which will be issued until the end of the school year.  

A Solo pass can be used on any bus service travelling in the St Helens area.

For details of bus timetables, log on to Merseytravel web page.

Hired Services

If it is appropriate for your child to travel on a hired service, you will be notified of the route number, Operator and Passenger Assistant details. You will be informed of an approximate pick up time. It will be your responsibility to bring and collect your child from the vehicle. The Passenger Assistant is not allowed to get off the vehicle whilst there are other children on the route.

If you need to make any change to your child's transport arrangements you will need to contact the School Transport Team on 01744 671031 between 8.45 - 5.15 (Mon - Thursday) and 8.45 - 5.00 (Friday). Alternatively you can contact the team on the out of hours mobile number, 07766087222. This number will be answered from 7.30 until 8.45 am term time only. but messages can be left from 5.20 pm and during the weekend.

Parental Mileage

The Local Authority will pay for 2 return journeys per day at 28p per mile. A parental mileage form (which can be obtained from the School Transport Team) will need to be completed and a representative from their school will need to verify their attendance, the form needs to be returned on a monthly basis to:

School Transport Team, Atlas House, Corporation Street, St Helens, WA9 1LD


During the Summer Term you will be sent a medical and information questionnaire for you to complete and return to the School Transport Team before the end of Term. If the form is not returned it may result in transport not being available for the start of the new academic year.

Your child's transport requirements will be reviewed on a annual basis.

Further information is available around travel concessions 

Refused Applications

If you are refused a bus pass because you do not qualify under either the statutory criteria or low income criteria, or you want another form of transport assistance for your child, the Local Authority have a 2 stage review/appeals process.

Once you have received written notification that your child is not eligible for assistance with transport you will have 20 working days to submit a written request to have your application reviewed by the Principal Officer. Your review will be heard within 20 working days. A written response will be sent notifying you of the outcome.

If the original decision is upheld and assistance is not granted, you will be notified of your right to go to the Stage 2 - Appeals process. Whereby your application along with the review decision and any supplementary information will be considered by the Independent Transport Panel. You will have 20 working days from receipt of the review decision to make a written request. Once the request is received, the Panel will meet within 40 days to consider the information. You will then be notified in writing the outcome of the Panel.

Stage One Review

Stage Two Appeal

Changes to School Travel Assistance Policy from September 2018

The Local Authority consulted on its Home to School Transport Policies for SEND and Post 16 SEND between February and April 2017.

A report outlining the proposed changes and new Travel Assistance Policy was approved by Cabinet on 13th September 2017. The new policy will apply to new applications for travel assistance effective from 1st September 2018 (existing pupils and young people receiving travel assistance will be protected unless there is a change in circumstances).

For further information on the changes please see our Home to School Policy page.

More details on the new policy will be published on this page in the near future.