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Post 16 Transport

Transport Policy

If a young person aged 16 to 25, with an Education, Health and Care Plan is attending a full-time educational course at the nearest suitable provision, transport assistance may be provided.

Application Forms must be completed to determine whether a young person qualifies for assistance with transport.

All completed applications are processed within 10 school days. If a young person is able to travel independently, a bus pass will be issued. If travelling in Merseyside a Solo pass will be issued, if travelling outside the area an Arriva Travel Pass will be issued.

For details of bus timetables,  log on to Merseytravel web page.

If a young person is  unable to travel independently they will be offered suitable travel assistance.

Hired Services

The School Transport Section organises and arrange a number of vehicles that travel to Carmel College, St Helens College and Activate. All the vehicles have suitably trained Passenger Assistants who travel on them ensuring the safety of the students.

If you require further information, you can contact the School Transport Team on 01744 671031 

If your child is travelling on one of the Local Authority's Hired Services and you need to amend any of the travel arrangements you need to contact the School Transport Team. During Office Hours you can contact the team on the normal office number. Alternatively if you are calling out of office hours you can leave a message on the out of hours mobile, 07766087222 - this number is only to be used during term time, and messages can be left after 5.15 pm and over the weekend. All messages will be answered from 7.30 am (Mon - Fri). 

Renewal Applications.

Applications will be sent out during the Summer Term for the new Academic year.

Refused Applications

If you are refused assistance with transport under the SEN Post 16 Transport Policy, the Local Authority have a 2 stage appeal process.

Once you have received written notification that your child is not eligible for assistance with transport you will have 20 working days to submit a written request to have your application reviewed by the Principal Officer. Your review will be heard within 20 working days. A written response will be sent notifying you of the outcome.

If the original decision is upheld and assistance is not granted, you will be notified of your right to go to the Stage 2 - Appeals process. Whereby your application along with the review decision and any supplementary information will be considered by the Independent Transport Panel. You will have 20 working days from receipt of the review decision to make a written request. Once the request is received, the Panel will meet within 40 days to consider the information. You will then be notified in writing the outcome of the Panel.

Stage One Review

Stage Two Appeal

Lost Bus Pass

If your child loses their bus pass, a replacement bus pass can be purchased from the School Transport Team. The cost of the bus pass depends on whether your child has been issued with a Solo Pass or an Arriva Pass. If you require a replacement bus pass contact the School Transport Team on 671033.

Transport Policy Statement

For further information regarding transport support for post 16 Students, see attached Annual Post 16 Transport Policy Statement 2018/2019  .