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Transferring Schools

We deal with in-year transfer applications for all schools in the St Helens borough. If you wish to transfer your child to a school outside St Helens, you should contact the local authority in which the school is situated.

Before submitting an application, please read the guidance notes at the front of the form.

Privacy Notice 

The council has a legal responsibility to protect the data it collects. A copy of the School Admissions Privacy Notice can be downloaded.

For information on all St Helens schools, please view the latest primary and secondary school admission booklets.

We sometimes receive requests for places from St Helens residents and are not able to offer a place at a school within a reasonable distance of where the child lives. In these situations, the Director People's Services will use our Fair Access Protocol to allocate a place at a community, voluntary controlled, foundation, academy or voluntary aided (church) school, even if the year group is full.

Children who qualify for a place using our Fair Access Protocol must be given priority over children on a waiting list who attend a school.

It normally takes fifteen school days, as we contact your child’s current or previous school to request details about your child.

This helps us decide whether your child will need extra support when they transfer to their allocated school. It is important that your child continues to attend their current school whilst your application is being processed.

Please note that we cannot allocate places during the school holidays. 

All applications received during the school summer holidays will receive offers within 4 weeks of schools' return.

All schools have an admission limit for each year group. If more applications are received than the number of places available, the relevant admission authority will apply their over-subscription criteria.

If there are no available places, your application will be refused.

If your preferred school(s) does not have room and you reside in St Helens (or will shortly be moving into the area) we will normally offer your child a place at the next nearest suitable school with available places.

If your preference for a St Helens school is refused, your child's name will be kept on the School's waiting list for the remainder of the academic year.

At the end of the summer term (June onwards), you will need to re-apply for the following academic year, if you wish your child to be kept on the waiting list.

Waiting-lists are kept in over-subscription criteria (not date) order.

You also have the right of appeal to an independent appeal panel. When you receive your decision letter we will explain how the appeals process works and what you need to do if you want to submit an appeal.