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Information for Parents/Carers - School Exclusions

A student may be excluded from school for a specific number of days or during lunchtimes. A student may be excluded for one or more fixed periods (up to a maximum of 45 school days in an academic year), or permanently. 

This means that the student is not permitted to attend school for the specified period. The Head Teacher of your child's school will notify you of details of the exclusion, including the reason(s) why your child has been excluded.

Notification will be sent in writing.

Privacy Notice 

The Council has a legal responsibility to protect the data it collects. A copy of the School Admissions Privacy Notice can be downloaded.    


  • Whilst your child is excluded, you are legally required to ensure that your child is not in a public place during school hours, without good reason.  Failure to abide by these terms may result in you being issued with a fixed penalty notice.
  • School will set work for your child during the first five schools days of his/her exclusion. From the sixth day of your child's exclusion the school will arrange suitable full-time education.
  • You have a legal right to request that the Governing Body of the school consider reviewing the decision to exclude your child. You have a right to attend the meeting and take along a friend, for support, if you wish to do so.  In addition, a representative from the Local Authority will also attend.
  • If your child has been permanently excluded, you may also request that an Independent Appeal Panel review the decision made by the Governing Body. A Local Authority representative will also attend this hearing. Following the review, the panel can decide to:
  1. uphold the exclusion decision;

  2. recommend that the governing body reconsiders their decision, or

  3. quash the decision and direct that the governing body considers the exclusion again (the panel can only make this decision if they feel the initial decision was flawed)

  • If you think that your child's exclusion relates to a disability he/she may have, and you think that disability discrimination has occurred, you have the right of appeal and/or make a claim to the First Tier Tribunal (www.justice.gov.uk) .  Making a claim will not affect your right to make representations to the discipline committee.

You and your child may be invited to attend a re-integration interview with a member of school staff.

The purpose of the interview is to discuss the best way to ensure your child's return to school is managed effectively.

If your child has been permanently excluded or has reached the maximum number of fixed term exclusions, then your child will meet the criteria for a Managed Transfer.  

A Local Authority Officer will advise you on the educational options available for your child.