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Help Your School

There are ways that you can increase the amount of funding that your child's school receives.  

If a child in your care meets any item on this list, please do let your school know.

It could mean some vital funding for your school.

If your child is able to claim free school meals, please apply for these - even if you choose for your child not to have them.  

The fact that your child qualifies for these means that your school will receive extra money from the Government.  

If your child is receiving the free meals that are provided to all the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children, but you are eligible for Free School Meals, please still apply - it really helps the school more!

If one of the child's parents is serving actively in the Armed Forces, please tell your school office team as soon as possible.  

They will ask you for some proof of this, for example an ID card or a pay slip, so please have this ready to show them.

Although this can be a sensitive subject and an issue that can sometimes cause distress, there is funding from the Government available to support children who were in care. 

Please contact your school office staff or the Headteacher if you have the legal guardianship of your child, under either:

  • Residence Order
  • Special Guardianship Order
  • Adoption from Care Order

The child is often still a part of the birth family, but sometimes in the care of another family member. If you are not sure but you think your child may qualify for this, please contact us by calling (01744) 671025.

All questions will be dealt with in a sensitive and confidential manner, and the information that you share will only be passed along to your child's school with your permission.

You cannot claim this money for your child.

The extra funding that your child's school will receive will help in their education, and it will be spent as the Head or Governors of the school decide.