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Child Employment

Young people may like to take a part-time job, like delivering newspapers or working in a shop. However, there are laws and rules regarding the employment of young people to ensure that their education does not suffer and that they are protected at work.

Education Welfare Officers work with employers, parents, schools and other agencies to ensure that young people who work are doing so legally and safely.

If you are at school and have a part-time job you need an employment permit from St Helens Council.

A young person needs an employment permit if he/she assists in any trade or occupation carried out for profit. It does not matter whether the young person is paid or not, or if the young person is assisting his/her own relatives, or working for a big company.

Employment Permits are specific and employers need a permit for every young person that works for them. If a young person has more than one employer, or more than one job then they will need a permit for each. Young people who do not have a permit to work may not be insured.

If you need a permit please complete the application form in the Related Documents Section below.