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Lisa Wisher

Lisa Wisher, Therapist, Trainer and AdopterLisa Wisher

Lisa is a Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Trainer. She has been delivering a variety of mental health courses, domestic abuse and attachment and trauma courses for over 15 years. She regularly delivers training for a range of local and national organisations. She is also a qualified Mental Health First Aid instructor and a national trainer for Mental Health England.

She qualified as a social worker in 1990 and began her career working in residential settings with looked after young people and then in Acute and Rehabilitation Mental Health Services. Following this she moved into the voluntary sector where she was Director of Manchester Brook Advisory and was then appointed as Associate Director of Health Improvement in the NHS. After adopting two children in 2002, Lisa’s career direction took a different turn. Quickly realising just how much impact early trauma can have on children’s health and well-being she set about learning as much as possible about attachment issues. After completing her CIPD Learning and Development Qualification she then qualified as a Psychotherapist. She has now established her own successful therapy and training business and is Panel Chair for one of the country’s biggest Regional Adoption Agencies. She has delivered a range of therapeutic parenting courses and delivers NVR (Non Violent Resistance) to parents and individual families.

Not a Load of Motherhood and Apple Pie

An opportunity to look at stress and how it can impact us.  Alongside an exploration of how we can use several evidenced-based approaches to help us look after ourselves.