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Julian Grenier

Julian GrenierDr Julian Grenier is the headteacher of Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre in Newham, east London. Sheringham is a Research School.

 He was appointed by the Department for Education to lead on the 2020 revision of Development Matters, the non-statutory guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage in England.

Julian has worked in the early years for over 20 years and has a Doctorate in Education from the UCL Institute of Education (University of London).

 Julian tweets @juliangrenier

Session information

‘A brighter start for every child’

 We all want our children to get off to the best start in the EYFS. But the sad reality is that many children are already getting left behind by the end of the early years. Once children fall behind, it’s very hard for them to catch up.

 In this session, Julian will consider how practitioners can take advantaged of some of the key changes to the EYFS to promote a brighter start for all our children.