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Greg Bottrill

Greg BottrillGreg Bottrill is a passionate advocate of childhood and education done with children and not to them. Author of the bestselling ‘Can I Go And Play Now?’ and ‘School and the Magic of Children’, he believes that childhood is a time and space that deserves and needs to be ‘seen’ for its joy and adventure. Greg is also the creator of approaches to childhood education including Drawing Club, Play Projects, The Message Centre and Adventure Island as well as being the founder of The Centre for Childhood in Devon where he explores and researches the magic of children and what it is trying to tell us about the world and how to live in it.


Join Greg as he explores the magic of children and how to find it, an adventure into what childhood is and what it deserves. Discover the joy of co-play and a range of simple top tips to enable you and your team to go further into the magic - it’s where the joy lives and it’s waiting for you with open arms.