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Dr Stella Louis

 Dr Stella LouisDr Stella Louis is a freelance early years consultant working with individual nursery settings, parents, nursery schools, local authorities, government departments and charities. She provides training and consultancy and is particularly interested in observation and its part in supporting learning, development and teaching. Currently Stella leads a small team of Froebelian traveling tutors in promoting, developing and delivering the short Froebel Trust courses in England.  

Schemas and the Characteristics of effective learning.

Babies, toddlers and young children pass through a specific and very important stage of development and learning. It is called schemas. Put simply, schemas are repeated actions that young children try out on the things they encounter in their environment. Through repeating their actions such as dropping or throwing things, children begin to understand the properties of materials. For instance, a feather will flow through the air and a leaf will fall to the ground. This gradual process of repeating experiences and gathering information leads to children acquiring knowledge and understanding about particular concepts, allowing children to embed learning, that's why schemas are so important.
This session aims to widen and deepen your understanding about schemas and the process of play. It will also explore what schemas are, how they develop, where they come from and why they matter.