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Dr Helen Williams

Dr Helen WilliamsDr Helen J Williams is an independent educational consultant specialising in the learning and teaching of primary mathematics. Her particular expertise is in Early Years and KS1 and she has a special interest in developing effective, research-based, playful opportunities for learning mathematics. She is a member of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics https://bsrlm.org.uk , the Association of Teachers of Mathematics https://www.atm.org.uk and a founder member of the Early Childhood Mathematics Group https://earlymaths.org . She tweets as @helenjwc and blogs (sporadically) here: https://info125328.wixsite.com/website Her book “Playful Mathematics with 3-6 year olds” will be published by SAGE in March 2022.

Early Number and Pattern: what do we know and what can we do?

In this session Helen will delve into research on the development of early number and pattern awareness in young children, and put forward some practical ideas for us as practitioners. Participants will find it helpful to have a selection of small loose parts and some plates, as well as paper and coloured pens, to hand!