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Water butts and green cones

Water Butts

A water butt is a great way to collect water to use in your garden.

St Helens residents can get reduced-price water butts from the Merseyside and Halton Waste partnership website.

Prices start at £24.98 for a mini water butt kit and they are buy 1 get one half price. Order your water butt now.

The Green Cone - Food Waste Digester

The Green Cone digests all food waste including cooked food, fish, meat, bones, dairy and fruit and vegetables. It turns your food waste into water, carbon dioxide; almost all of your food will disappear. Use any small amounts left as compost for your garden. No vermin are attracted due to the clever design.


Price: £85.00

You can order a Green Cone from getcomposting.com website or you can call 0844 571 4444.

It helps the environment:

• Reduced amount of household waste goes to landfill;
• Reduced greenhouse gases;
• Much easier to recycle waste;
• The number of large composting/incineration plants is less.