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Trade Waste

St Helens Borough Council provides a trade (or commercial) waste collection service to help all business organisations including shops, colleges, schools, nursing homes and hospitals meet their responsibilities to dispose of waste as required by law.

Apply for a trade waste collection

We offer a quality service you can trust, tailored to meet the needs of your business, at affordable prices with no hidden costs. The service complies with all legislative requirements and is available five days a week (Monday to Friday) with weekly collections, or as often as you require with a range of different-sized bins to suit your needs.

The charge for the service is determined by the type and number of containers used, plus the frequency of collections required. We work to meet the needs of our customers to help you manage the disposal of your waste. Our team can assist you in assessing the waste you generate and the number and type of containers you will require.

Trade waste sacks are also available for any businesses where there are no storage facilities for bins.

Services available:

  • Weekly trade waste collection (tailored to your needs)
  • A clinical waste collection service

You can apply for a trade waste collection here, or contact the council via email at tradewasteenquiries@sthelens.gov.uk for further information and a competitive quote.

Under current environmental law, the Duty of Care Legislation, all businesses must ensure that:

  • They take all reasonable steps to keep waste safe.
  • Waste is stored safely and securely and does not cause pollution to people or the environment.
  • Waste is packaged in suitable containers so that it cannot fall out, blow away or escape from the receptacle.
  • Waste is secured against unauthorised removal as far is reasonably practical. Security should be sufficient to prevent the breaking open of containers and removal of waste by vandals, thieves, animals, accident or weather.
  • Waste is collected and disposed of by a licensed waste management organisation.

All businesses must provide a written description of the waste to the person who removes it. This is known as a waste transfer note and must be completed by both parties involved in the transfer; these notes should be retained for a period of two years. Your licensed waste management organisation will provide the waste transfer note for completion.

For more advice and guidance on how to dispose of business waste in St Helens, please refer to our booklet Waste Management for Commercial/Trade Properties.