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Earn rewards for recycling!

Reducing, reusing and recycling stops waste going to landfill.

The recycling rate in St Helens increased by 12% over the last 2 years.  We recycle around 40% of our rubbish, which is a fantastic achievement.  However, there is much more that can be done to reach our target of 50% by 2020.

As a thank you for taking part in our recycling service, we would like to reward residents and encourage other residents to participate and win individual and community prizes.

St Helens Recycling Rewards is an incentive scheme run by St Helens Council in partnership with Local Green Points to reward residents for recycling. 

Your actions are measured and rewards given in the form of "points" based upon your participation in the scheme.

If you haven't already got your Recycling Rewards card just contact us to request a Recycling Rewards information pack.

The pack will contain your Recycling Rewards card, a key fob and all the information you'll need to start participating in the Recycling Rewards scheme.

As soon as you receive your pack activate your card straight away.  To activate go to our Recycling Rewards page, click on 'Activate my Account'.

You can also call 0207 326 5055 (Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 5.30pm) to request a freepost activation form.  Alternatively, activate using our free Council app. To download, search 'St Helens' in your app store.

Once you've activated, you can then use your card and key fob to get exclusive offers and discounts from participating local businesses across St Helens. New discounts and offers are added regularly. A full directory of participating local businesses can be found at www.sthelens.gov.uk/recyclingrewards

Once you're activated, head to www.sthelens.gov.uk/recyclingrewards to start earning your recycling points straight away. Residents who recycle their household waste will be in with a chance of winning individual prizes and money for local charities. We'll also be monitoring the amount of recycling produced by each community and awarding more points to the communities that improve.

Every month the top-performing recyclers in their communities will each win £50 to spend on a choice of vouchers, including M&S and iTunes, family experiences or a local charity donation. Plus, there will be randomly selected prize draws each month. Each year, rewards and vouchers to the value of £10,000 will be given away to residents.

You've got to be in it to win it!

St Helens will be divided into 16 communities. Depending on where you live, you will fall into one of these communities. After 12 months, the more your community recycles, the greater the influence you will have on how the £6,000 is donated.

There are four charities to choose from and all activated members of the Recycling Rewards scheme can vote for the charity they'd like to win. So the more you recycle, the more money you can earn for the Steve Prescott Foundation, Willowbrook Hospice, The HoneyRose Foundation or The Hope Centre.

You can earn points through a variety of methods.  You will earn points for the improved recycling performance in your community, compared to the previous month.  You can also earn points by taking part in recycling activities at: www.sthelens.gov.uk/recyclingrewards.  Topics cover everything from food waste, to recording your own recycling activities on a weekly basis, and simply telling us what positive actions you have taken.

The number of points you earn for each recycling activity will vary, but the more you take part in the scheme, the more points you will earn.  For improved community recycling performance, the greater the increase, the more points you earn too!

Your points will appear in your account.  To earn points, you need to activate your card.

St Helens has been divided into 16 different communities - just like how you vote locally.  

The more you and your community recycle, the greater the influence you will have on how the £10,000 is donated to local charities.  

You can see which community you are in by logging into your account at our Recycling Rewards page.

Yes!  To earn points and benefit from the discounts, offers and rewards, you must activate your card. Visit www.sthelens.gov.uk/recyclingrewards or call: 0207 326 5055 (Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm) using your activation code, which you can find on the card received in your information pack.

Alternatively, you can fill in the freepost form or download the free St Helens Council app, search 'St Helens' on your app store.

Your card, key fob and participation in St Helens Council's Recycling Rewards incentive scheme is subject to our terms and conditions which you can find at our Recycling Rewards page.

If you lose or damage your card or key fob and require a replacement, please contact us and we will be happy to help!