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Recycling & Waste Services

Waste left out for collection must be contained in the bin or recycling container provided.

A fixed penalty notice of up to £100, maximum penalty of up to £2,500 can be served if waste is deposited or fly tipped without due care, or when a householder fails to secure their bin after their collection. 



  • Household waste is increasing every year, St.Helens Council have to meet strict targets on reducing waste going to landfill (tip) and at the same time increase recycling, a fine of £150 per tonne is payable for waste being landfilled over the fixed targets.
  • The Council spends over £25,000 every year on replacing brown bins which have gone missing or have been burnt.
  • Householders are liable for claims arising from loss, damage or injury caused by their bin left out on any day apart from collection day.
  • Persistent offenders who leave side waste, fly tipping or do not secure their refuse bin, by taking it back onto their property after collection can be served with a fixed penalty notice of up to £100, maximum penalty on conviction of up to £2,500.

All householders have a duty of care to ensure their waste is disposed of properly and to take reasonable measures to ensure their waste is passed to contractors registered to transport and dispose of waste.  A guide to managing your waste. 

Find out more about how to dispose of your waste.

Residents who have nobody to help them and are physically unable to place their brown bin out for collection can apply for an assisted collection.

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