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Declaration on Healthy Weight

Here you can find the borough wide Declaration on Healthy Weight that you can commit to supporting.

St Helens Declaration on Healthy Weight:

We acknowledge that:

  • Unhealthy weight is a serious health problem that increases disability, disease and deaths and has substantial long term economic, well-being and social costs. The proportion of the population affected by unhealthy weight continues to rise;
  • Unhealthy weight is affected by health inequalities and more common in people living in disadvantaged areas;
  • Poor diet and an unhealthy weight are risk factors for CVD, cancer and type 2 diabetes which contribute powerfully to poor health and premature death;
  • Energy dense food and drinks high in fat and sugar and low in nutrients contribute to a significant amount of additional and unnecessary calories in the diet;
  • There is greater availability and access to food and drinks high in fat and sugar, which are increasingly eaten outside of the home, contributing to excess energy intake;
  • Increased intake of foods high in fat and sugar and low in fruit and vegetables are strongly linked to those in manual occupations;
  • People living in more socially deprived areas have less access to healthy foods;
  • Advertising and marketing of foods and drinks high in fat and sugar increases their consumption;
  • Education, information and the increased availability of healthy alternatives help individuals to make healthy, informed food and drink choices;
  • Modern environments contribute to sedentary lifestyles;


We commit our organisation to supporting the borough wide vision of reducing unhealthy weight in our communities, protecting the health and wellbeing of staff, services users and customers / general public by striving to:

  • Raise awareness of obesity and its effects and prevention
  • Help employees / services users / customers to track their diets, physical activity and body mass index (BMI)
  • Consider the working environment and how it can be reinvented to reduce sedentary behaviour
  • Support employees, service users and customers to access opportunities to be more active and participate in weight management
  • Review provision in all our buildings, facilities and providers to make healthy foods and drinks more convenient and affordable and limit access to high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and drinks.
  • Increase access to fresh drinking water
  • Ensure food and drink provided at meetings / workplace staff events / public events includes healthy provisions.


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