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Transport planning - development control

The role of the Transport Development Control Team is to assess the highway implications of planning applications that are submitted to the Council by residents and developers.


  • Give advice to the Planning Team on the highway implications of planning applications as a statutory consultee
  • Deal with highway aspects of pre-planning enquiries into potential development sites
  • Provide advice with regards to Transport Assessments
  • Provide advice with regards to Travel Plans
  • Secure improvements to the highway associated with new development
  • Comment on the suitability of sites proposed for inclusion in Development Plans
  • Ensure that roads are designed and constructed to appropriate standards
  • Liaise with the Engineers Department in relation to the road adoption process
  • Provide advice on access issues
  • Respond to highways information enquiries

When assessing applications the team will take into account the following:

  • Whether the movement of people and vehicles from new developments can be accommodated on to the road network
  • That new roads, accesses and layouts are safe
  • That acceptable parking and servicing arrangements are catered for
  • That new developments encourage walking, cycling and the use of public transport
  • Whether improvements to the existing road network are required
  • The impact on other developments
  • Ensuring that there is no encroachment on to adopted highway or highway improvement lines  

Developers are advised to enter into early discussions with the Highway Development Control Team for any proposal likely to affect the highway. Contact details are available below.

The council offers a Development Team Approach to assist developers through the planning and building regulation process, and this provides the opportunity for developers to have pre-application discussions relating to key issues such as: highway/transportation, design, environmental matters, affordable housing, employment, legal agreements etc. Further information is available here.

The following documents provide guidance and information to developers when submitting a proposal with highway implications:

  • Transport Assessments Guidance Notes – This document identifies when a Transport Assessment or Transport Statement will be required and what should be addressed.
  • Supplementary Planning Document Ensuring a Choice of Travel - This document provides details of car, cycle and other parking requirements and standards.
  • Turning Head Requirements – This document provides details of the council’s standard turning head layouts. If non-standard turning heads are proposed then tracking diagrams will be required.
  • Standard Construction Details  – This document provides a summary of the council’s standard construction specification. More detailed information is provided in the Street Design Guide above.
  • S278 Agreement Guidance Notes  – This document provides details of the requirements for the submission of S278 Agreements and provides details of the fees and payments involved.
  • Standard S278 Agreement – The council uses a standard draft S278 Agreement. Any alterations to this standard format will incur additional legal fees and may increase the submission/completion time.
  • S278 Application Form Completed paper copies and payment cheques to be returned to: TranRoad Opening Noticesport Planning, St Helens Council, Town Hall Annexe, Victoria Square, St Helens, WA10 1HP.
  • Road Opening Notice– For other works that affect the highway, other than S278 or S38 works, it will be necessary to seek approval from the council’s Streetworks Manager and this form should be completed, submitted and approved prior to commencement of any works.
  • Classified Roads – This is a list of classified roads in the borough. Any proposed vehicle access to these roads will require planning consent. If in doubt please contact the council for clarification.
  • Cycle Map – This is the latest St Helens cycle map showing cycle routes throughout the borough.
  • Travel Plan Guidance Notes   This document sets out when a travel plan is needed within the planning process, how it should be prepared and how it will be evaluated and monitored.

To discuss the council's current construction specification requirements for new road adoptions, please contact Jim Dutton in the Engineering Division on 01744 673302.

Notwithstanding any subsequent planning consent, developers should be aware that it is an offence to carry out works affecting the public highway without permission of the Highway Authority. This consent would normally take the form of an Agreement with the council under S38 or S278 of the Highways Act 1980 for major works, or under S171 or S184 for minor works/vehicular access construction, and contact should be made with the council’s Streetworks Manager on 01744 673305 in advance of any proposed works.

Developers should also be aware of the following required notice periods and take these into account when preparing construction programmes:

  • Works on the highway of 10 or more days' duration – 3 months' notice.
  • Works on the highway of less than 10 days' duration – 3 days' notice.
  • Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (road closures etc.) – 6 weeks' notice.