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Unitary Development Plan

The St Helens Unitary Development Plan (UDP) was originally adopted on 2 July 1998 and replaced all previous plans including the Merseyside Structure Plan, Local Plans for Newton-le-Willows, Sutton and the Town Centre and the old town maps that covered the area.

The majority of policies in the UDP were saved indefinitely from 27 September 2007 by the Secretary of State. On 31 October 2012, the St Helens Core Strategy was adopted. Several Core Strategy policies replace saved UDP policies. Appendix 4 of the Core Strategy identifies which UDP policies continue to be saved and which are replaced.

On 10 July 2013, the Merseyside and Halton Joint Waste Local Plan was approved for adoption by St.Helens Council, and adopted by the Merseyside and Halton Councils on 18 July 2013. Several Joint Waste Local Plan policies replace saved UDP policies.

The Saved Policies document has been amended accordingly and is available below: 

These Saved Policies together with the Core Strategy Local Planthe Merseyside and Halton Joint Waste Local Plan and Bold Forest Park Area Action Plan form the Development Plan for the Borough.

The main function of the Development Plan, including the UDP Saved Policies, is to provide a framework for directing and controlling development as well as conserving and protecting the environment. The UDP indicates those areas in the borough where land is allocated for development, e.g. new housing; opportunities for economic growth; where new roads will be built and where land will be protected to preserve the borough's countryside and open spaces. The UDP currently defines the extent of the green belt in St Helens.

The Proposals Map

The St Helens UDP is accompanied by a Proposals Map, which shows all the policies and allocations contained in the Development Plan, together with adjustments made by policies in the St Helens Core Strategy. 

Whenever a new Local Plan or Area Action Plan introduces a new area specific policy or allocation, the Proposals Map will be updated.

The St Helens Proposals Map is available as four PDF files available to download below. Also available are the updated Town Centre Inset Map (as revised by October 2012 St Helens Local Plan Core Strategy to form an 'interim update') and the Bold Forest Park Inset, showing the designations added to the Proposals Map within the Bold Forest Park Area following the adoption of the Bold Forest Park Area Action Plan in July 2017.

Please note that the Proposals Map shows policies that have not been saved. Please refer to the St Helens Unitary Development Plan Saved Polices (2013 Addendum) or Appendix 4 of the St Helens Core Strategy for a list of saved policies.