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Core Strategy 2012


The Core Strategy is the principal document in a framework of planning policy documents, known as the St Helens Local Plan, that will guide how decisions are made on planning applications. It provides an overall strategy of how much development is required, where development should be located and how this will be delivered for the period up to 2027.

It contains strategic policies for housing, economy and employment, community facilities, quality of life and accessibility are explained for an individual area and the borough as a whole. Issues involving the future of the green belt, Parkside, redevelopment of the town centres and protecting green spaces are subject to particular consideration in this document.

Status of the Core Strategy and Relationship to other Planning Policy Documents

Planning law requires that decisions on planning applications be made in the context of national planning policy, the Development Plan for the area and any other material considerations. In the borough of St Helens, the Development Plan is the St Helens Local Plan, a collection of Development Plan Documents (DPDs).

The St Helens Core Strategy Development Plan Document (DPD) is the principal DPD. It contains strategic policies, provides an overall plan of where development should be located and how we meet the needs of the borough, and all subsequent DPDs for the borough should be consistent with it. DPDs for specific areas of change or conservation are known as Area Action Plans (AAPs).

The policies in the Core Strategy should not be read in isolation. The Core Strategy needs to be read as a whole and alongside the saved 1998 St Helens Unitary Development Plan (UDP) policies, and the other Development Plan Document policies that together make up the Local Plan for St Helens, including the Joint Merseyside Waste Local Plan and Bold Forest Park Area Action Plan.

Other relevant policies and material considerations may be contained in, among others, the National Planning Policy Framework, National Planning Practice Guidance, Planning Policy for Traveller Sites, National Planning Policy for Waste, ministerial statements and government circulars.

The Adoption of the Core Strategy

The St Helens Local Plan Core Strategy was adopted by St Helens Council on 31 October 2012. This adoption followed an examination by an independent, government-appointed planning inspector, who found that plan was legally compliant and “sound”, provided that specific changes were made, and this was duly done.

The adopted Core Strategy, Inspector’s Report and other related documents are available to download below.