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Community Infrastructure Levy

A Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) helps fund infrastructure that the Council, local community and neighbourhoods need - for example, new or safer road schemes, park improvements or a new health centre - by requiring a "levy" (a charge) from certain types of identified new development based on the floor space to be created.

A Council does not have to introduce a CIL. If a Council is considering introducing a CIL, one of the first steps is to establish what future infrastructure needs are, identify the extent of any funding gap and to undertake viability work to ensure that the CIL charge does not put new development at risk.

St.Helens Council does not currently have plans to introduce a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for St.Helens. It is likely that when the findings of evidence gathered for the Local Plan are available, officers will consider whether introducing a CIL is necessary or not, and will take appropriate action. This evidence would include whole plan economic viability assessment, infrastructure needs assessment and development site evaluation and selection.

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