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Buildings of local interest

A local list is a locally designated register of buildings and structures of social, cultural, historical and architectural interest, which are important to the local environment. A local list is separate to the nationally designated statutory list; however they may be considered worthy of inclusion following an assessment of their significance.

What is the impact of a building being included on the local list?

The different between the statutory list and a local list is in the level of control. Any works that affect the character and/or setting of a statutory listed building require Listed Building Consent (LBC). The control of works on a locally listed building is very limited with protection conferred through the development control process.

St Helens List of Locally Important Buildings (SPD)

A Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) - 'St Helens List of Locally Important Buildings' - has been adopted by the Council. This means that the SPD will be a material consideration in assessing any planning application for works to a locally listed building before a decision is made. 

The document outlines the criteria for the selection of buildings and structures to be included on the local list, guidance on works to buildings/structures that are on the local list and policy background.

The register of buildings of local interest in St Helens

The Council has received a large number of nominations for inclusions in the register. In order to be included, they have to be assessed using the criteria in the SPD. Once assessed, the register will be available to view on this webpage.

Interactive map

Once assessed, buildings of local interest will also be viewable on our conservation interactive map, which also shows all of the conservation areas, listed buildings, and much more in the borough.

For any further information on any buildings of local interest, please contact the Conservation and Design officer: conservation@sthelens.gov.uk