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Garswood pupils’ food for thought to help reduce landfill waste

Article date - 02 March 2017

In a bid to highlight the amount of edible food going to waste, Year 5 pupils at Garswood Primary School have set up their very own pop-up boutique, selling produce destined for landfill.
Garswood food project

The Hamilton Road school has linked up with the ‘Real Junk Food’ project in Wigan, run by ‘Fur Clempt, (a local term for ‘very hungry’) which is dedicated to reducing the estimated 15 million tonnes of food waste generated each year – 40 per cent of which ends up in landfill.

Fur Clemt aim to make really tasty nutritious food from surplus food donated by food producers and retailers. As well as a café in Norley Hall, Wigan, they also provide food for pop-up boutiques that companies will not accept if it is within a few days of its sell by date - or if the product’s shape or colour is not up to the required standard.

A group of pupils have already visited the warehouse base and café in Norley Hall to learn more about the national project.

To support the project, every Monday and Thursday the school receives a unknown delivery of items which can include fruit & vegetables, packaged meals, baking goods and even chocolates, from the site in Wigan which the pupils then sell from their pop-up boutique to customers who can give as little or as much as they want in exchange for the food.

All monies received are shared between the project and the school.

Garswood Primary School headteacher, Pam Potter, said: “Our Year 5 children are pivotal in raising the profile and sharing the benefits of this project which is having a positive impact on reducing landfill and thus, reducing the amount of harmful gases produced as a result.

“By the end of the year, we aim for all our Year 5 children to have visited and experienced this innovative environmental and social project first-hand.”