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5 Ways to Wellbeing campaign launched

Article date - 16 January 2017

St Helen’s Council’s Healthy Living team is supporting a campaign that highlights five ways of improving and protecting mental health and wellbeing.
5 ways to wellbeing

On the back of research from the New Economics Foundation, Healthy Living have launched local campaign ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing St. Helens’ which delivers five key messages that can be built into everyday life.

The campaign encourages people to ‘connect’ with others by finding the time to talk with friends and family; ‘give’ small acts of kindness through acts such as volunteering; ‘keep learning’ in order to boost confidence; ‘be active’ to make you feel and function better; and ‘take notice’ of the thoughts and feelings and the world around us, which can positively change the way someone feels about life.

Sharing her experiences as a volunteer, Kathryn Harrison, 28, from St Helens, said: “I have met lots of great people and made wonderful friends. Volunteering makes me feel useful and part of the community. I would recommend it to anyone.”

St Helens Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing, Councillor Richard McCauley said:“Talking about how we feel is the first step to improving our mental wellbeing and helps reduce the stigma and isolation that many people feel.

“Following these five simple steps can dramatically decrease stress and anxiety levels and help people develop a real sense of purpose from the opportunities available to them. Whether it’s talking and listening to someone with a problem, helping and working with others, learning something new, or becoming more active – the New Year is the perfect time time to start.”

Plenty of mental health and wellbeing support is available across St Helens. For more information, visit  www.timetotalksthelens.co.uk








Photo caption... Something as simple as going out for a walk can make a positive difference to your mood.