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Local Plan Main Modifications consultation

St Helens Borough Council consulted on the Proposed Main Modifications (PDF) [14MB] to the St Helens Borough Local Plan 2020 - 2035 Submission Draft, in accordance with the relevant legislation, between Thursday 18 November 2021 and Thursday 13 January 2022. The consultation has now closed.

The Main Modifications proposed to be made to the Local Plan Submission Draft are those that the Inspectors examining the Local Plan have identified as necessary in order for the Local Plan to be found 'sound'. These are provided without prejudice to the Inspectors' final conclusions, which will be provided in their Report in due course.

The relevant Proposed Main Modification documents include:

Further information, including all evidence base documents for background information, are available via the main Examination Library page.

Please note that all representations received within the consultation period will be made public and shared with the appointed Planning Inspectors for their consideration. This will include the names and addresses of representors being made public, although other personal details will remain confidential. Further clarity on this is available on the Local Plan Privacy Notice available on the Local Plan page.

For more information on the Local Plan, please contact the Planning Policy Team by telephone: 01744 676190 or email: