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Provider Information

The Supporting People Provider Portal provides information and regular updates on the Supporting People programme.

We will provide you with regular updates on payments, contract information, performance information and any planned changes to the Supporting People programme in St Helens.

If you do have any suggestions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01744 676152 or via email: supportingpeople@sthelens.gov.uk.




For providers

Step 1

Assist the client to fill in an application form:

The application form should be completed with the client. Below is a sample application form with guidance notes, which will help you with the information that is required.

Application for Supporting People Subsidy
Application for Supporting People Subsidy - Guidance Notes

Step 2

Send the form to: Supporting People, 2nd Floor, Atlas House, Corporation Street, St Helens WA9 1LD.

Please remember to enclose a copy of the tenancy/support agreement. These should be received by the Supporting People team no later than 30 days after the support has started. If the form is received later, the receipt date of the application form will be used as the start date of support.

Step 3

Housing Benefit/Customer Finance checks:

We will send you and the client a receipt letter within five working days of us receiving your application form. If you do not receive a letter, you should query this as soon as possible. We will then check if the client is in receipt of housing benefits or apply for a Fairer Charging Assessment if this has been requested.

Step 4

Confirmation of payments:

Once confirmation has been received, we can put the client into payment. We will then send you and the client a letter confirming when the payments are to be made from and the weekly support charge to be paid.

Step 5

Changes in circumstances:

It is important that you keep us up to date with any changes in clients' circumstances, such as changes in housing benefits or if the client goes into hospital. You should submit your changes via the SPOCCnet system.

We will keep you informed every step of the way but if you have any queries you can contact us at any stage. Also, if you feel that any part of this service can be improved, please either telephone us on 01744 67 6152 or email supportingpeople@sthelens.gov.uk.

Payment Dates 2019-20

We pay our providers on a four-weekly basis in advance. We have a step-by-step guide that explains the payment process in more detail.

Performance Indicator Dates 2019-20

We collect the performance indicator workbooks from providers on a bi-annual basis. 

The performance indicator workbooks should be submitted to us no later than the specified dates. They can be submitted either via the SPOCCnet system or our Supporting People email: supportingpeople@sthelens.gov.uk.



Supporting People SPOCC System

SPOCC is the name of the system used by St Helens Supporting People. The system is provided by Oxford Computer Consultants. SPOCC.net is a web based link to our system which can be used by our Providers to update the information held on our system.

The Supporting People Team will be in control of who can access the system, therefore your personal data will be secure.

Our Providers can send a request through to the Supporting People Team for the data to be changed, however this change must be accepted by the Supporting People Team before it will take effect in our system.

Contact us on: 01744 67 6152 or email us: supportingpeople@sthelens.gov.uk

The Disclosure and Barring Service ( DBS ) has replaced the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority ( ISA).

Regulated activity providers have a legal duty to refer to the DBS which helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable adults. Referral forms, facts sheets and guidance can be found via the Disclosure & Barring Service link.

St.Helens Council offers training which may be of interest to our Provider Organisations such as Caldicott Standards and Safeguarding.

If you are interested in your staff attending any of these training courses please visit the Adult Social Care Work Force Development Website


Accreditation is the process we use to check Organisations are suitable to provide housing support services. We check financial, employment, administrative and management systems and the Organisations experience in delivering Supporting People services.

Contract Monitoring Framework

The Supporting People Contract Monitoring Framework outlines the process we use to monitor our contracted providers.

Contract Variation

The Contract Variation should be used to record changes to the contract document such as changes in properties, changes of Contract or Service Manager. This can be issued by the Provider or St Helens Council.

Charging & Subsidy Policy

The Charging and Subsidy provides  guidance on our application and payment processes. 

Housing Support Agreements

Sample housing support agreements for both Long Term Services and Short Term Services are available for downloading. These form a contract between the service provider and the client, and should be submitted with the Supporting People application form, stating the start date of support along with the weekly support charge. The document should be signed by the client and support provider.

Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria will provide guidance on tasks which are eligible and not eligible for Supporting People subsidy. This criteria was originally developed in 2003 by the Office for Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), now Communities & Local Government, at the commencement of the Supporting People programme.

Quality Assessment Framework

The Providers self assessment QAF document will allow providers to document evidence that they meet the assessment levels.

Performance Indicator Workbook

The Performance Indicator Workbook should be completed & submitted to the Supporting People Team, by Providers on a bi-annual basis. This enables the Supporting People Team to monitor your performance against your contract. The Performance Indicator submission dates are detailed on the Dates for your Diary page. For further information on completion of the workbook please see guidance notes.

Value for Money Workbook

The Value For Money workbook will be required on an ongoing basis. If you are a new service please use the VFM Workbook for new services, all existing services should use the VFM workbook for existing services This will allow the Supporting People team to monitor your financial performance.

Jargon Buster

Sometimes we may use language that may not be very understandable to you. Therefore we have attached a jargon buster to try to help you understand what some of our phrases mean.

Please see the descriptions of what some of the following phrases mean. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01744 671608 or email us at: supportingpeople@sthelens.gov.uk


Accreditation is the process we use to check if Providers are able to deliver housing support services before we contract with them

Block Gross Contract

A contract will be defined as block gross if delivering support to vulnerable clients not exceeding 2 years. Block gross contract are paid on a set number of clients/units and are paid 4-weekly in advance.

Block Subsidy Contract

A contract will be defined as block subsidy if delivering long term support to clients exceeding 2 years. Block subsidy contracts are paid on the basis of support delivered to clients.

Contract Monitoring

This is the process undertaken by the Supporting People Team to ensure our Provider Organisations are performing effectively.


A contract is an agreement made between St Helens Council Supporting People and our Providers of Housing Support services in St Helens.

Contract Review


The contract review is the process we use to monitor the quality of our contracted services. Our services are monitored against the quality assessment framework which can be found on the strategies & policies page.


This is Communities & Local Government, the Government Department which oversees the Supporting People Programme.

Eligible Client


An client eligible for Supporting People subsidy will either be in receipt of Housing Benefit of have completed a financial assessment with St Helens Council Customer Finance Team.

Performance Indicators

These are spreadsheets completed by our Providers which measure the service provision and delivery. Providers must complete and send the workbooks to the Supporting People Team on set dates.

Provider Forum

This is a meeting we hold with our Providers on a regular basis.

Support Provider

We refer to the Organisations contracted to deliver Housing Support in St Helens as Providers.

Service Review

This is the process through which Supporting People look at the quality of the services that are being provided and ensure they are good quality and value for money.


A stakeholder is a person who is involved in Supporting People.




Supporting People decisions are made by the Supporting People Accountable Officer, however we do work in conjunction with

  • Chief Officers from St Helens Council
  • Probation Service staff
  • Health Workers
  • Councillors from St Helens Council

We value your opinion and your experiences of how Supporting People has helped you.

You can either telephone us on 01744 67 6152 or email us at: supportingpeople@sthelens.gov.uk

We have circulated an addendum to the Supporting People contracts, which are required in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that came into force on 25 May 2018. 

The nature of the service provided under the existing contract is such that Supporting People Providers are considered to be a Data Controller and it is therefore necessary to have an Information Sharing Agreement in place.

Should you require further information around the implications and implementation of the GDPR, this can be found at the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office: https://ico.org.uk.