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Landlord Accreditation

Landlord Accreditation | National Landlords Association

The NLA promotes and provides accreditation because they believe it is the best way for you to prove, as landlords, that you can be self regulating.
Accreditation through the NLA aims to allow landlords the opportunity to develop good management practices. It will also provide a national scheme that tenants and local councils throughout England, Scotland and Wales will recognize as a mark of quality.
The NLA has an online verification register that tenants can access in order to verify that their landlord is an accredited member of the NLA.

When a landlord signs up to the NLA scheme they will be able to use the NLA's accreditation logo as proof they are committed to the provision of a professional service for their tenants. 

The NLA determine that the more accredited landlords they have the bigger the voice will be and the better the chance of gaining greater benefits for landlords

Further information on the benefits of accreditation and how to apply can be found on the National Landlord Association website.