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Equipment and Adaptations Service

If you have a disability there may be equipment or adaptations that can make it easier for you to live independently and more safely in your home. 

Our occupational therapy team help people who have difficulties with practical everyday tasks and can give you advice on disability equipment or housing adaptations.

We can:

  • Provide access to a wide range of specialist equipment and/or minor adaptations to help you with your activities of daily living;
  • Assist you with an application for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) for the installation of permanent adaptations such as stairlifts, showers, ramps and ceiling track hoists;
  • Help you find a more suitable home if your current home cannot be adapted.

Our occupational therapy team assesses the needs of adults and children with disabilities.

How to request an Occupational Therapy Assessment

If you live in St Helens, have permanent disability, or you are the parent or carer of a child with a disability, you can make a referral to the Occupational Therapy Service by telephoning St.Helens Council's Contact Centre on 01744 676600.  You will be asked for your personal details and the tasks you are having difficulty with.

Your details will be passed to one of our Occupational Therapy Assessment Officers, who will contact you to discuss your referral.

Occupational Therapy queries

Occupational Therapy Services, Town Hall, Victoria Square, St.Helens. Tel: 01744 676522

Simple items of equipment

If, following assessment, a simple item of equipment has been recommended (for example a raised toilet seat or shower board), you will be given a prescription which can be redeemed by one of our local accredited retailers.  The retailer will exchange the prescription for the item of equipment.  This equipment will be brand new and is yours to keep.

Complex items of equipment

If, following assessment, a complex item of equipment is recommended (for example electrically operated equipment or bespoke/very specialist equipment), this will be provided on long term loan through the Community Equipment Store.  The item will be ordered for you by your assessor and will be delivered to your home.

Children's Equipment

We can provide equipment if your child has a disability and is assessed as needing more specialised equipment than a non-disabled child of a similar age.  You are usually responsible for providing readily available equipment that a non-disabled child would need (for example a fire guard or a baby gate).

Where a minor adaptation has been recommended (for example grab rails, stair rails, half steps), your assessor will order this via the Council's Home Improvement Agency (HIA).

Where an adaptation that costs over £500 has been recommended, this is classed as a major adaptation and is funded by a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG).  The DFG is provided where there is an assessed need and can fund adaptations up to a maximum of £30,000.

The DFG is a means tested grant and the Council will calculate if you have a contribution to make towards the cost of the works.  Children are exempt from the means test and will receive 100% grant funding.


If your home is unsuitable for adaptations, you can apply to be rehoused to a property that is purpose built or already adapted.  To do this you would need to register with Under One Roof.

Under One Roof is a service for people who want to rent a home in St.Helens.

Your occupational therapist will help you identify suitable properties.