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Unit 8 - Yates Greer

Pork Butchers
01744 755059

Yates Greer have been trading in St. Helens for over 50 years. We are the last traditional Pork Butcher on the High Street. Yates Greer pride themselves on the quality of goods on sale, many of which are made at our factory in Leigh to our own unique recipes.

Our sausage are all hand made , filled into natural casings and use only the freshest English pork. We sell a large variety ranging from our best selling Thin Pork to specialist sausage like Pork and Black Pudding or Pork and Mustard.

Yates Greer pork pies have been a firm favourite in St. Helens for years, again made with fresh English pork and using our own Bespoke seasoning

they are delivered fresh every day to our stall. We also sell excellent Steak, Meat and Meat and Potato  pies.

Bacon is another of our best selling lines. Our  Rindless Back Bacon is very keenly priced and a huge seller, we have recently started our “Cured in Leigh” range. This is a range of Dry Cured bacons with the whole process from start to finish being carried out by our highly experienced staff in Leigh. Fresh English pork is hand selected , de-boned and trimmed then Cured in the traditional way ,with no added water . This gives an excellent flavour and NO SHRINKAGE , it really is worth a try you wont be disappointed. All bacon is hand sliced to your requirements , if you would like it thicker or thinner you need only ask , we are happy to oblige.

Cuts of Fresh Pork are available every day and to order, all our pork is English and Fresh, never frozen. We sell a variety of cuts , Loin or Leg joints are a family favourite. We sell a huge amount of Pork  Loin Chops and Steaks , which can be purchased as a good old fashioned chop or coated in a wide variety of coatings.

Our experienced and friendly staff are always happy to help and have a great knowledge of the products they sell. We are keenly priced, and far cheaper than  the supermarkets  check it out, you will be surprised.