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Youth Open Art Competition

Youth Open Art Competition 2019

The 2019 Competition is now closed.

You can see all the winners below!

Details about the next year's competition will be posted here or if you know someone who's 16 or over, take a look at the Open Art competition which will be opening soon. 



2019 winners

Here are the winners of each category. Congratulations to all!


                  Nursery & Reception Winner                 Key Stage 1 Winner                                        Key Stage 2 Winner
                  Charlie Atkinson, 'Bee House'                  Cara McConaghy                                                 Jack White

                                                               Key Stage 3 Winner                                  Key Stage 4 Winner
                                                      Arianne Wilkinson, 'Cogs & Fire'        Rheanon Lee Shaw, 'Crispy Darren'
                                    Photography, Graphic Art & Digital Media Winner                                                     Audience Choice Award Winner
                                                                   Leah Maudsley                                                                         James Atkinson, 'Stone Age Cave Painting'

If you have any questions about this year's or next year's competition, please email Evonne Bixter.