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St Helens Library Service is one of only six Library Services in England to be awarded National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) status by Arts Council England.

Cultural Hubs is an award-winning Arts in Libraries programme. It was voted Best Arts Project in the people’s National Lottery Awards in 2016 and continues to grow in strength, ambition and popularity, engaging over 20,300 audiences in the arts since becoming an NPO. There is a diverse programme on offer, including work from internationally recognised artists Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Selina Thompson, Mark Titchner and Francesca Martinez.

The programme collaborates with arts organisations including Heart of Glass, Dadafest, Citadel Arts, Homotopia, Liverpool Independents Biennial and 20 Stories High. It commissions artists from St Helens and the wider region including Kevin Crooks, Claire Weetman, Rebecca Ainsworth, Millie Chesters, Pretentious Dross, Alexis Maxwell, Year of the Rat Collective, Ian Brownbill and many more. 

The Mission is to provide rich and diverse arts opportunities for audiences and participants within library spaces and to support artists to inspire, challenge and enrich the lives of residents. This has now extended to include new online and community spaces to reach residents in a multitude of ways.

Check out all the past events and upcoming activities as part of our award-winning Cultural Hubs programme.