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Public consultation

We value your views – and regularly ask residents and communities what they think about issues that might affect them, their families or the areas they live in.

To find out about consultations that may affect you, visit our consultation suite. For each consultation this 'one-stop shop' explains:

  • Why we’re consulting and what we hope to achieve.
  • Who we are consulting with - and how we are doing it.
  • When - and for how long each consultation will last.
  • How to take part in more general online surveys - so you can give us your views on current issues

For more information about how we consult with residents download our Consultation Code

Current Consultations

20mph Zones

St Helens Council has, over the years, implemented 20 mph speed limit restrictions in 30 separate locations within the Borough. 

They fall into two particular categories, one being 20 mph speed limits along a route passing through a commercial centre, and the other covering a number of roads serving a large residential area.

Through our implementation strategy we would like to expand on the number of these zones over the next few years (subject to budgets).   We are proposing to undertake a number of these schemes in the next few months and these will be monitored and evaluated before hopefully rolling out further schemes in the future.

The Council is now proposing to introduce five new 20 mph speed limit zones in the Borough.

The new zones are being introduced in the following residential areas:

  • Hamilton Road/Coronation Road Area proposal and map
  • Lyme Street/Wrigley Road Area in Haydock proposal and map
  • Saleswood Avenue/Pinfold Drive/The Avenue Area in Eccleston proposal and map
  • Derwent Road/Newlands Road Area in Moss Bank proposal and map

Plans of each of these areas, as well as, a schedule of the streets to be covered by the proposed 20 mph speed limit can be viewed by clicking onto the links above.

As part of this consultation process, we would like your views on these proposals, so if you would like to get involved please complete a short form on our Consultation Suite or you can write in to us at the address below.



To be able to introduce these 20 mph speed restrictions, the Council has to undertake a legal process which involves consulting with a large number of external agencies including Merseyside Police, the Emergency Services, as well as, of course, consulting with members of the public, such as yourself.

If you are you opposed to the proposed zones and wish to make a formal objection, then, please note the following: 

As part of the requisite legal process, the Council has to ensure that those who wish to object to the proposals can do so by formally submitting their objection, in writing, stating the specific grounds upon which they wish to do so.

The following contact details are to be used to submit any objection to the proposal.


Traffic Engineering Section
Engineering Services
St. Helens Council
Wesley House
Corporation Street
St  Helens

or email us: - traffic@sthelens.gov.uk

For the attention of Mr P R Sanderson, Strategic Director of Environmental & Trading Services

Any objection received within the three week objection period, which expires on 24 February 2017, will be assessed and responded to and all such objections will be taken into account when determining whether the proposal is to be implemented.


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