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This section provides copies of documents, strategies, presentations and other useful information that residents of the North West may be interested in.

NW Regional Research Collaboration

The North West Regional Research Collaboration (RRC) provides dedicated capacity to analyse critical shared issues for the NW’s LEP areas. The Greater Manchester Combined Authority manages the research programme on behalf of the partner organisations.

The collaboration has brought significant benefits, providing research capacity to investigate collective opportunities and challenges, but also in terms of facilitating knowledge sharing between partners. The collaboration has been extremely successful with a substantial body of research produced.

North West Labour Force (December 2017)

North West Exports (October 2017)

A North West Evidence Base of 50+ Skills Issues (April 2017)

North West Manufacturing Baseline Study Report (March 2017)

NW RRC - Brexit Monitor

Since the UK's referendum on membership of the European Union in June 2016, the NW Regional Research Collaboration (RRC) has provided a North West Brexit Monitor. This updates members on the key economic and policy developments in relation to the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Each edition provides a real-time view of the economic and policy impact of Brexit.

November 2018 Brexit Monitor

October 2018 Brexit Monitor

September 2018 Brexit Monitor

July 2018 Brexit Monitor

June 2018 Brexit Monitor

May 2018 Brexit Monitor

April 2018 Brexit Monitor

March 2018 Brexit Monitor

February 2018 Brexit Monitor

January 2018 Brexit Monitor

November 2017 Brexit Monitor

October 2017 Brexit Monitor

September 2017 Brexit Monitor

July 2017 Brexit Monitor

June 2017 Brexit Monitor

May 2017 Brexit Monitor

April 2017 Brexit Monitor

March 2017 Brexit Monitor

February 2017 Brexit Monitor

January 2017 Brexit Monitor

November 2016 Brexit Monitor

October 2016 Brexit Monitor

September 2016 Brexit Monitor

August 2016 Brexit Monitor