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Council staff fraud

What is council staff fraud?

There are a number of frauds that may be committed by Council staff, including;

  • abuse of position / powers by a member of staff;
  • submission of expense claims for duties not carried out, or inflating claims;
  • claiming sick pay when fit to work;
  • failure to work contracted hours;
  • creation of "ghost employees" in the payroll system to generate payments to themselves / others;
  • submission of applications for employment containing bogus qualifications / references, or they may not have the right to work in the UK.

What are the costs involved in council staff fraud?

From a survey of English Councils by the European Institute for Combating Corruption & Fraud, the amount of detected abuse of position fraud in 2014/15 was £9.7m.

How does this impact on you?

For every penny that is defrauded from the Council (and the taxpayer), this reduces the level of available resources the Council has and therefore the level of services the Council can provide.

How to report your suspicions of council staff fraud?

Fraud Hotline - 0800 953 0217

Report Online