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Blue badge fraud

What is blue badge fraud?

Blue badge fraud may include:

  • allowing someone else to use your blue badge, or using someone else's badge while they are not in the vehicle;
  • using a fake, altered or cancelled blue badge;
  • obtaining a blue badge by means of dishonesty or deception;
  • failing to produce a blue badge when you are asked for it by an authorised enforcement officer;
  • disobeying UK parking regulations, such as parking in a clearway or on a zebra crossing.

What are the costs involved in blue badge fraud?

From a survey of English Councils by the European Institute for Combating Corruption & Fraud, the cost of detecting blue badge fraud in 2014/15 was £2.2m.

How does this impact on you?

For every penny that is defrauded from the Council (and the taxpayer), this reduces the level of available resources the Council has and therefore the level of services the Council can provide.

Disabled people with a valid blue badge may not be able to park close to their destination, due to others misusing blue badges to park in disabled spaces.

How to report your suspicions of blue badge fraud?

Fraud Hotline - 0800 953 0217

Report Online.