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What is Emergency Planning

Emergency planning should aim where possible to prevent emergencies occurring, and when they do occur, good planning should reduce, control or mitigate the effects of the emergency. It is a systematic and ongoing process which should evolve as lessons are learnt and circumstances change.

What do we do?

 We work together to make sure that we are prepared, that means that we are able to provide an effective response to emergency incidents which may affect you and to do this we will have:

  1. worked together to identify the risks that we all may face;
  2. worked together to write plans that will outline how we will effectively respond to any emergencies;
  3. trained together to make sure that we are able to respond;
  4. tested ourselves and our plans to make sure we can do what we say.

Details of these risks can be found in what is referred to as a Community Risk Register (CRR).

When we respond to an emergency we have common objectives and they are to:

  • save lives;
  • prevent the emergency from getting worse;
  • help those that are involved, for example by getting them medical help;
  • restore to normality as soon as possible;
  • protect property;

investigate the matter to establish how it happened and, if necessary, take action against anyone found to be responsible for causing the emergency to happen