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Information Managment Framework

The Information Management Framework sets out the overarching policies and governance surrounding the Council's management of information and information systems (including electronic and hard copy information).

The main objectives of the framework are:

  • To ensure the integrity and accuracy of the Council's information and systems.
  • To minimise the risk of business damage caused by security incidents.
  • To ensure that confidentiality of personal and other sensitive information is assured.
  • To ensure all legislative and regulatory requirements are met.
  • To ensure that the Council's Information Technology is used responsibly, securely and with integrity at all times.
  • To create a level of awareness throughout the Council of the need for information security to be an integral part of the day-to-day operation of Council business.
  • To ensure all policies and guidelines that form part of the Information Management Framework take account of the Council's Codes of Conduct and Equality Policy including:
    • Duty of Fidelity - includes actions or omissions, which could damage the business prospects or reputation of the Council or in any way, bring the Council into disrepute.
    • Duty of Care - is defined as carrying out your particular occupation using the skills, ability and knowledge (for which you are employed), to the best interest of the Council, and using Council equipment and resources with proper regard.
    • Use of Council Property or Facilities - you must not remove or use Council property for your personal requirements or for the benefit of others where the work of the Council is not involved.