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Procurement Policy

As a council, we spend a considerable amount of money on the procurement of supplies, works and services, providing companies of all sizes with a wide range of business opportunities.

We have a statutory duty to ensure that the procurement of supplies, works and services represents the most cost-effective solution and that the best possible value for money has been achieved.

The document related to this webpage (below) sets out our procurement policies. It explains how procurement is undertaken and provides guidance on some of the key factors that need to be taken into consideration when seeking to understand tendering for business with us.

About Us

Our corporate procurement team provides advice and support to council departments in all areas relating to a wide variety of contractual arrangements.

We aim to deliver high-quality services that best meet the current and future needs of local people. We believe that services should be delivered by organisations best able to meet these requirements.

In doing so we will endeavour to obtain 'best value for money' and are mindful of the need to evaluate bids based on the optimum combination of whole life costs and benefits to meet the customer's requirements, while ensuring the our efficiency targets are achieved.