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Contract Management & Compliance

Person Signing a Contract

We buy a vast range of goods and services to support the councils operation. Many of these are obtained through contracts which are arranged and managed by the Corporate Procurement Team.

We manage a range of renewable contracts for both goods and services some of which are used by all Council Departments and some of which are client specific.

Any ad-hoc (one-off) items that are purchased also go through the Procurement team. Information about this can be found on the Current Tenders page as and when they arise.

The Current Contract Opportunities (hyperlink) displays all contracts that are within a 6 month window of the current date (3 months forward and 3 months backwards). The link above displays the full list of contract information, you will find a schedule of all these contracts, arrangements and advice about current/impending tendering opportunities in the Useful Links section at the bottom of the page.

We as a contracting body, are bound by EU Procurement regulations and must comply with EU Procurement Directives for all contracts exceeding their stated amount (the threshold amount is currently set at £164,176 for 2016/2017). Any guidance required about EU Procurement regulations, can be in the documents below.

Contracts that are above the threshold amount have to be advertised publicly to the EU. To do this a notice is placed on the Online Journal of the EU (OJEU), to allow companies in EU countries to see and bid for the opportunity.

Further to this any opportunity that has a whole life contract value of £25,000 or more needs to be publicised on Contracts Finder.

In addition to complying with EU Directives we also have our own rules governing the procurement process at lower financial levels. These take two forms:

We have adopted a standard set of terms and conditions which apply to all goods and services contracts. There is a slightly different version for each. These are available below in the related documents section.