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Report a change in circumstance

You should report changes in circumstances, including if you are no longer entitled to a discount or exemption within 21 days of the change. 

Change of address

If you are new to the area, moved address within the area or have moved out of the area then please notify us of your change of address

Landlord information

If you are a landlord, please advise us of any changes at your rental property.

Please ensure you provide full details regarding the occupation/vacation of tenants including the tenancy start/end date and forwarding/previous addresses where known. Please attach a copy of the relevant tenancy agreement for new tenants where held in an electronic format, otherwise please ensure a hard copy is sent to our office.

If the property has been vacated, please indicate if the tenancy was on a rolling basis or remained under a fixed term on the date the tenants vacated.

Report a death

Report a death via our Tell Us Once service.

Council Tax Reduction

Changes which affect the amount of Council Tax Reduction you are entitled to must be reported within 21 days. This may include changes to your benefits, income, capital and household composition.

Single Occupancy Discount

If you are in receipt of single occupancy discount, then your should report if someone comes to stay with you for a period of time or someone in your households turns 18 years of age.

Other changes in circumstances