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Additional Bill Information

2018/19 Charge

The following documents accompany your 2018/19 Council Tax bill.

For 2018/19 the Council set a Council Tax that equates to a 5.99% increase when compared to the 2017/18 level.

The increase was made up of 2.99% general increase and an additional 3% 'precept' for Adult Social Care services. Please see further information on how your Council Tax has been calculated.


2017/18 Charge

The following documents accompanied your 2017/18 Council Tax bill.

For 2017/18 the Council set a Council Tax that equated to a 4.99% increase when compared to the 2016/17 level.

This increase was made up of 1.99% general increase and an additional 3% 'precept' for Adult Social Care services. Please see further information on how your Council Tax was calculated.


Why do we have a precept for Adult Social Care?

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government offered councils with Adult Social Care responsibilities the flexibility to increase Council Tax from April 2016 by an additional 2%, and 3% from April 2017, provided this is spent on Adult Social Care services.

This is in recognition of demographic changes that are leading to growing demand for Adult Social Care, and increased pressure on council budgets.

Additional demand for services

Adult Social Care provision continues to face increased demographic and demand pressures, predominantly in the older people’s population and those with dementia. However, demand pressures continue within services for adults with disabilities (physical or sensory support, people with learning difficulties and people with mental health needs), reflecting the complex nature and increasing needs of these vulnerable groups.

This is due to factors such as:

• People previously supported, in the main, by family/carers now requiring Adult Social Care provision.
• Individuals who are assessed as eligible for social care requiring services over longer periods, possibly as a result of medical/care advances and also a reduction in the number of people leaving services over a long period of time.

National statistics support the above.

For St Helens:

• Total population aged 65 and over is expected to rise by 30% from 2015 to 2030
• People aged 65 and over with dementia is expected to rise by 59% from 2015-2030

What does it pay for?

Adult Social Care provides support the elderly and other vulnerable adults including those with physical, sensory or learning disabilities.

Support provided includes:

• Residential and Nursing Placements
• Respite Care
• Domiciliary (Home) Care
• Supported Accommodation
• Reablement
• Day Care
• Transport
• Carer Services
• Occupational Therapy
• Provision of Aids and Adaptations