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Support our waste collection team

Last reviewed on 29 April

Our waste collection crews are still hard at work despite the incredibly difficult circumstances for them and for all of our critical services as we respond locally to the coronavirus pandemic.

While we have had to stop recycling, garden waste and bulky rubbish collections, we’re now collecting brown bins every week on your normal collection day. See the waste and recycling page in our coronavirus section for full details.

Our crews have seen some really great examples of community spirit and support from residents across the borough in recent weeks. We’ve received your letters of thanks and pictures too! Know that it really makes a big difference to our staff.

Councillor Andy Bowden, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said:

“Our crews are working hard to maintain a waste collection service through this crisis and they deserve our utmost thanks. The team has had to make some tough decisions and adapt rapidly in these unprecedented times to keep the service. We know that these changes have affected you all, and we ask you for your understanding and patience.

“And as residents, we too can play our part in supporting the service. Please follow the advice to help keep our crews as safe as possible and the service operational.”

Here’s a few ways you can continue to help these key workers:

  • Please clean or sanitise the handles of your bin, before and after handling it.
  • We will only empty your brown bin if the lid is shut. We appreciate that there is increased waste going into your brown bin – now being collected every week – but for the safety of our staff, please ensure your bin lid can be shut.
  • Our crews visit thousands of homes every day for this essential work, but are doing what they can to stop the spread. For this reason, we also can’t remove any bags piled at the side of the bins.
  • Please do not have a clear out of unwanted things, as this will put further pressure on our collections. Do not put anything in your bin you would normally take to the tip (household waste and recycling centre). 
  • On your collection day please be mindful of where you park your car. There are a lot more cars at home during the day now and if we have issues getting into your road, we may not be able to empty your bin. 
  • Please maintain at least 2 metres' distance from the collections staff, and continue to treat them with respect.
  • If you are putting garden waste in your brown bin, ensure there is enough space for your domestic waste. Composting is a great alternative for garden waste. Find out more at sthelens.gov.uk/recycling.
  • National Government guidance for those who have symptoms of COVID-19 is to dispose of any used tissues or hygiene products (such as disposable cleaning cloths) in a bin bag, tied securely. These bags should be placed into another bin bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste. This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your general household waste bin (brown bin) for collection as usual.