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The government has announced a series of measures to take effect from 4 July, easing the lockdown in England. We will let you know how this affects each of our services in St Helens Borough in due course.

If you need help during the outbreak, or can volunteer to help, please contact St Helens Together on 01744 676767.

Service updates

Please check the list below for the latest information on how our essential services are being affected by coronavirus and the evolving advice from the government.

Bin collections
NORMAL  Green bin permit extended
Blue badges
AVAILABLE  Apply online or via the phone
Car parks DISRUPTED  Open except Tontine and St Mary's
Children's Centres CLOSED   Follow us on Facebook
Contact Centre AVAILABLE   How to get in touch
Crematorium and cemeteries RESTRICTED  More details
Housing services AVAILABLE  Phone us for advice and appointments
Leisure centres CLOSED  Follow us on social media
Libraries CLOSED  We're still online
Licensing AVAILABLE  More details
Markets DISRUPTED  More details
Parks and playgrounds DISRUPTED  Open with restrictions
Payments to suppliers DISRUPTED  How to invoice us
Register office RESTRICTED  Details of services available
TAZ/sexual health services AVAILABLE  Open for appointments only
Tell Us Once AVAILABLE  Telephone appointments only

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