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Council Social Media

You can get news updates, chat about St Helens, and interact with us on our Social Media pages!


Main Council accounts Facebook - facebook.com/sthelenscouncil
Twitter - twitter.com/sthelenscouncil
YouTube - youtube.com/sthelenscouncil
What's on in St Helens  Facebook-  facebook.com/WhatsOnInStHelens
Twitter - twitter.com/WhatsOnStHelens
Library Service Facebook - facebook.com/STHLibraries
Twitter - twitter.com/STHLibraries
Pintrest - uk.pintrest.com/STHLibraries
Instagram -  instagram.com/sthlibrariesandarts
St Helens Lens Project Wordpress - sthelenslens.wordpress.com
Adult and Community Learning Facebook - facebook.com/StHelensACL
Twitter - twitter.com/STHLearning
Arts Service  Twitter - twitter.com/StHelensArts 
St Helens Music Service Twitter - twitter.com/StHelensMusic
acebook - facebook.com/sthelensmusicservice
Go Active Facebook - facebook.com/GoActiveSTH
Twitter - twitter.com/GoActiveSTH
Sports Development Facebook - facebook.com/SportDevSTH
Twitter - twitter.com/SportsDevSTH
Youth Sports Development Facebook - facebook.com/YouthSportsSTH 
Twitter - twitter.com/YouthSportsSTH
nstagram - instagram.com/youthsportssth
Healthy Living Twitter - twitter.com/HealthySTH
acebook - facebook.com/HealthySTH
Infant Feeding Service Facebook - facebook.com/InfantFeedingService
Children's Centres Facebook - facebook.com/STHCCentres
witter - twitter.com/STHCCentres
Recycling Rewards Facebook - facebook.com/sthelensrewards
Twitter - twitter.com/sthelensrewards
St Helens Home Improvement Agency Facebook - facebook.com/sthelenshia
Twitter - twitter.com/SthelensHIA
School Culture Programme Twitter - twitter.com/CulturedSTH


Social Media Guidelines

Our social media accounts are used for updates on services run by St.Helens Council and information on other events and issues affecting residents and businesses.

We will check and update our accounts regularly Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (except bank holidays). We welcome comments and conversation on our posts however we will only respond to comments which contain a valid question and we will not that don't ask a valid question or are negative in nature.

We will delete comments if they:-

  • are abusive,
  • are offensive,
  • are threatening
  • bully, harass or intimidate any individual or organisation
  • impersonate someone else
  • publicise anyones personal information, such as contact details
  • advertise products or services
  • contain defamatory or libellous statements
  • uses insulting language about a member of our staff
  • contain expletives.

If an individual continues to to post comments of this nature then we will ban them. Were possible we will contact the user to warn them that their behaviour is unacceptable and further incidences will result in them being blocked from our channels.

If you have any questions about our social media accounts please contact us for more information

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