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St Helens CCTV

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner - five-year full certification

In November 2015, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner launched a scheme that enables organisations complying with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice to be independently audited, providing credibility and transparency to claims of compliance. On 27 February 2017, St Helens Council was awarded full certification, which lasts for a period of five years.

Obtaining the full five-year certification demonstrates the council's compliance with the Surveillance Code of Practice and evidences good practice. Certification also provides reassurance to the community that the council's public open-space CCTV scheme is managed appropriately; the information gathered from the cameras is used in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the Surveillance Code of Practice guidelines.

The system has been developed in response to crime and fear of crime in St Helens. The sole purpose of the system is to make the borough a safer and more welcoming place at any time of the day or night, allowing all citizens and visitors, regardless of age, gender or race, the opportunity to participate fully and without fear in the life of the borough.

This is the list of locations where CCTV cameras are installed in St Helens.

Our Code of Practice is based on the 12 guiding principles listed in the Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2013.

The objectives of the St Helens CCTV system, as determined by the partnership which forms the lawful basis for the processing of data, are:

  • To help reduce the fear of crime;
  • To help deter crime;
  • To help detect crime and provide evidential material for court proceedings;
  • To assist in the overall management of St Helens;
  • To enhance community safety, and assist in developing the economic wellbeing of St Helens and encourage greater use of the town centre, shopping malls and car parks;
  • To assist the local authority in its enforcement and regulatory functions within the St Helens borough;
  • To assist with traffic management;
  • To assist in supporting civil proceedings which will help detect crime;
  • To prevent and detect anti-social behaviour (Safer Communities redeployable cameras only).
  • To help deliver the Community Safety Partnership Delivery Plan.

The day-to-day management of the scheme, and requirements of our Code of Practice, is undertaken by the Head of Security or in that officer’s absence by the Deputy Security Manager.

A member of the public wishing to register a complaint about any aspect of the system may do so by contacting the manager through the Contact Centre on 01744 676789.

All complaints will be dealt with in accordance with the St Helens Council complaints procedure.

Statistical and other relevant information, including any complaints made, will be included in future annual reports of St Helens CCTV system, which will be publicly available.

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